Learning DPDK : Packet capturing

A new project has its goal to capture 40G rate traffic on a specified schedule.


To analyze

  • security breaches,
  • misbehaviours or
  • faulty appliances

it is utterly useful to have virtual traces fully recorded.


  • You can record the whole Ethernet packet.
  • You can trim its payload in case only headers are important for later analysis.
  • You can filter the traffic based on IP address and TCP/UDP port.


  • First, capture the traffic into the RAM.
  • Second, store it on disk.


  • Average SSD disk speed is about 500 MB/s
  • SATA 3.0 speed is 6Gb/S


It looks a solution could be one of the following or both

  • RAID
  • PCI + high-speed SSD disk

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