Learning DPDK : Capture to Kafka



The requirements are as follows.

  • To capture 10Gbps of 128B packets into Apache Kafka
  • Implement basic filtering using IP addresses
  • Save traffic into one Kafka topic




The following key design ideas helped to achieve 5Gbps capture speed.

  • Use XFS filesystem
  • Combine small packets into the big Kafka messages, 500KB each
  • Run 4 Kafka brokers on one physical server simultaneously
  • Allocate 20 partitions per topic


The decision was made to use two servers to be able to capture all 10Gbps traffic.


5 thoughts on “Learning DPDK : Capture to Kafka

  1. Hi, my current job is capture all 10Gbps traffic to kafka. When I use dpdk, the throughput of kafka is 5Gbps. Can can write full packet to Kafka to kafka in 10Gbps rather than cut the packet? Can you give me some advice ?


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